2024 TOPIK TEST – Introduction to the Test of Proficiency in Korean and Difficulty Levels

The Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK TEST) is an international exam designed for foreigners learning Korean. It assesses proficiency levels ranging from beginner to advanced, providing a precise evaluation of Korean language skills and guidance for learning.


TOPIK TEST Levels of Difficulty

  • Beginner (Levels 1 and 2): Focuses on basic vocabulary and grammar, evaluating basic communication skills used in daily life. Those with elementary-level Korean proficiency can pass without difficulty.
  • Intermediate (Levels 3 and 4): Evaluates intermediate-level vocabulary, grammar, reading, and writing skills, measuring practical communication abilities and understanding of Korean culture.
  • Advanced (Levels 5 and 6): Requires comprehensive Korean language skills at an advanced level, assessing comprehension of specialized topics and writing abilities. University-level proficiency in Korean is necessary.

Challenges at the Advanced Level

At the advanced level, sections such as reading and writing for Levels 5 and 6 pose the highest level of difficulty. In the reading section, comprehension and analysis of specialized and complex texts are required, while the writing section demands in-depth understanding of topics and logical writing skills.

Useful Resources for TOPIK Preparation

Various resources are available to aid in TOPIK TEST preparation, including official websites like the TOPIK homepage, educational institutions such as the Korean Education Center, online blogs and communities, and YouTube channels offering lectures and study materials.

TOPIK Test Schedule

TOPIK exams are conducted multiple times a year, with each session’s registration period, exam date, and result announcement date announced according to a predetermined schedule. For example, the schedules for the 96th and 97th exams are as follows:

  • 96th Exam
    • Registration Period: August 6th (Tue) ~ August 12th (Mon), 2024
    • Exam Date: October 13th (Sun), 2024
    • Result Announcement Date: November 28th (Thu), 2024
  • 97th Exam
    • Registration Period: September 3rd (Tue) ~ September 9th (Mon), 2024
    • Exam Date: November 10th (Sun), 2024
    • Result Announcement Date: December 19th (Thu), 2024

TOPIK scores are valid for two years from the announcement date.

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